Teknosoft has the in house team to produce web and mobile apps, and this means we are well versed in user experience design. If you have in house developers, or an existing development partner, and need a user interface designed for the application they are creating, then we are your agency.

We Understand Users

Users follow predictable, established patterns. We can get inside the heads of your users through design research including focus groups, interviews, surveys and also via user testing using online based software to test wireframes, interfaces and designs.
This information is then used to inform our user experience work.

We Understand Developers

We understand about creating applications and the development workflow because we have an in house developer team. This gives us tremendous insight and it means we can recommend things that are practical to develop and make suggestions on the app itself. We can work with your developers as part of the same agile sprints.

Beyond Wireframes

We can go beyond wireframes, mockups, and static designs and produce standards compliant HTML tool-kits, complete with documentation, for you developers to use. This guarantees the final quality and reduces developers misinterpreting implementations. We can also produce full style guides, brand guides and branding, to help you take your application from a codebase into a fully fledged product.

A Light Touch

We are an ideal choice of user experience design agency for those that don’t want to go through the heavy process and high fees of a dedicated UX house. We can offer a lighter weight process that produces excellent results, giving you a simple and beautiful user interface, with a pleasing user experience.

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