Cloud Backup Services
Every IT department knows how important it is to
back up your organisation’s critical data – but running
an effective backup operation in-house can be
extremely costly and time consuming.
Colocation Services
With IT outages more damaging to a business’
reputation and bottom line than ever, it is vital to have
the right location, or locations, from which to host your
organisation’s mission-critical applications.
Cloud Services
infrastructure footprint, without proper management
the cloud can present complexities. At Tecknosoft, our
approach is to simplify the user experience and make
the underlying technology highly transparent to our
customers. This defines Tecknosoft Service.
Desktop as a Service
Tecknosoft's Desktop solution helps businesses deliver
applications and data from a secure platform.
Wrapped in a high quality desktop experience, all the
mobility, convenience and freedom users demand to
get work done wherever they are, whatever device
they are using, is made possible.
IT Procurement Service
Digital healthcare heralds a new era for the NHS, one
many providers are not prepared to meet. Overhauling
paper-based processes and tackling the volume of
digital information being created will put pressure on,
and likely overwhelm, most on-premise infrastructures.
Cloud Plan
It is no surprise that cloud services are revolutionising
the way in which businesses operate, yet for many
organisations moving to the cloud can often be a
daunting task.Not knowing where to start, how to
identify which business services are suitable for the
cloud, where the risks or pitfalls are or simply having
limited internal resources with prior cloud skills to
actually perform the work required to get you there.
Cloud Care
Managing a cloud environment requires a broad and
modern set of skills, yet for many organisations the
reality of managing a cloud environment is challenging.
Relying solely on traditional IT skills and experience will
only get you so far and in many cases you are likely to
still be managing an existing set of IT infrastructure
and services.
Backup Connect
IT is to bring about change in your business, you need
to deploy the right solution in the right way. But this
demands expert knowledge of both current products
and future technologies – something which the
majority of organisations can’t resource.ures.
TecknoService Vault
Businesses today face an ever growing demand for
data storage and find themselves continually investing
in costly storage infrastructure just to keep pace.
TecknoService Vault offers an alternative model where
storage can be consumed as a low cost, cloud based
service which can simply be scaled up or down
according to current requirements?
Storage as a Service
Tecknosoft's Service Flash solution o ffers organisations
the chance to harness flash storage like never before,
without the costly expense and then burden of tuning,
patching and upgrading on-premise systems. A highly
aff ordable service, it offers the freedom to choose the
mix of capacity and IOPs performance that's right for
your applications, backed up by unmatched Quality of
Service (QoS) guarantees.
Network & Security
Network connectivity plays an important role in truly
integrating cloud services with your wider business
operation. We make migrating services easier by
providing a robust network fabric, offering connectivity
options to tie in with your existing on-premise
infrastructure and operating on commonly used

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