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Tecknosoft's Service Flash solution offers organisations the chance to harness flash storage like never before, without the costly expense and then burden of tuning, patching and upgrading on-premise systems. A highly aff ordable service, it offers the freedom to choose the mix of capacity and IOPs performance that's right for your applications, backed up by unmatched Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees. The result is just about any enterprise can now share in the benefits that flash storage can deliver.

The Infrastructure you need, whenever you need it

Service Flash is an enterprise-grade, high performance, low latency storage platform delivered from our world-class data centres, located in the UK. Whilst delivering storage on-demand as a cloud solution is in itself not revolutionary, the highly innovative infrastructure we have developed enables users of the service to individually specify the storage capacity (in GB) and performance (in IOPs) they need to meet the specific requirements of applications or workloads. Importantly, cast iron QoS guarantees, only made possible by the infrastructure, are agreed for the entire duration of the contract, so service remains the same, regardless of how many users may be sharing in our platform. The result is an easy-to-consume storage solution, built to handle practically any business critical workload, whilst delivering the perfect blend of capacity, performance and security.

How Service Flash works

Breaking the connection between capacity and performance is the critical feature of Service Flash. Unlike other, cloud service providers who offer 'typical' performance levels from flash storage, which leads to unpredictable performance and degradation over time, we are able to guarantee this through the lifetime of the contract. Again, unlike others if you need more performance, we won't tie you in to purchasing more capacity. Each feature is tuned independently based on your own requirements. For security conscious customers or those operating in highly regulated industries, 256-bit AES encrypted storage is also available for additional peace of mind. Similarly, all connectivity between your infrastructure and our storage platform is also authenticated, meaning you only ever see your storage. The service follows a simple charging model, which enables the services to be consumed on capacity, charged cost-per-GB and performance, charged cost-per-100IOPs. Service Flash can be provided to customers who have already co-located infrastructure into Tecknosoft data centres, with options for single or dual site storage. Alternatively, it can be used as a complementary service to Service Compute, where high performance storage is necessary. You have complete freedom over the environment too, thanks to the simple interface offered through the Service portal. Through this console, service changes can be made and realised instantly.

Why use Service Flash?

  • World-class data centres:We have spared no expense building our data centres and investing in the technology that underpins them. As a result, the solutions we deliver through the Service cloud are, quite simply, the best money can buy. Service Flash uses innovative technology, which we have pioneered in the UK.
  • Performance you can bank on: For the first time, consume storage-as-a-service and know that the performance you expect is the performance you'll get, thanks to guaranteed QoS. And as your needs change, flex the service up and down as required.
  • Tailored capacity and performance for every application: Precisely match capacity
    and most importantly, performance to every application so your services function
    the way they're supposed to.
  • No compromise on security: Options for ultra-secure 256-bit AES encryption on storage, means even the most security conscious will rest easy.
  • Maximum resilience: Service Flash is a fully resilient storage platform with no single points of failure. The service is backed by a 99.9% uptime commitment.
  • Storage efficiency: We make sure you get the most out of the storage you consume by storing data in the most efficient way possible. Deduplication and in-line compression are active, but never affect performance.
  • Simple, transparent pricing: A competitive cost-per-GB and simple cost-per-100IOPs, means we only charge for the amount of data you allocate and the performance that best meets your applications.

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