Support Throughout the Whole Lifecycle

Effective management of your software portfolio relies on expertise and up-to- date knowledge.  Tecknosoft is a Microsoft LSP (LAR), and our team of vendor-accredited consultants can support your business’ software demands through their entire lifecycle, ensuring you utilise the full potential of your investment.

Making Software Work for You

Software assets are there to enhance your business –they should work for you, not the other way round. Tecknosoft SAMPractice helps organisations keep software management proportionate to the value it brings to the business.

  • Tecknosoft continually invests in training and our vendor relationships, ensuring we have the most up-to- date solutions knowledge in the industry. Tecknosoft is a Microsoft LSP (LAR)
  • We assess your software agreements to ensure you gain full value from your spend .
  • We support point in time licensing, reducing the logistical headache from your renewals strategy.

Understanding the Software Lifecycle

Knowing the state of your software licenses at a given point in time, or the role of each programme within your future budget planning, requires careful management. Tecknosoft helps businesses to properly plan and manage their software lifecycles so that they don’t get caught out operationally or financially.

  • Tecknosoft SAMPractice offers comprehensive lifecycle management for your software, with an overlay of services which can be custom built to your specific
  • Our Baseline Service provides you with a view of your software licensing compliancy, while our Effective License Position report reveals the granularity of your compliancy
  • The Tecknosoft Optimisation Strategy builds on this data to propose a strategy and corrective actions that lower cost and mitigate risk in your software portfolio
  • Our SAMPractice delivers a complete support structure for all your software assets.
  • Our licensing solutions ensure that your organisation has the software it needs, and that every asset adds value to the business.

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