Why Cloud storage from Tecknosoft?

Businesses today face an ever growing demand for data storage and find themselves continually investing in costly storage infrastructure just to keep pace. Service Vault offers an alternative model where storage can be consumed as a low cost, cloud based service which can simply be scaled up or down according to current requirements?

To create the Vault service Tecknosoft has invested in the latest generation of hyper-scale storage platform which offers effectively unlimited scalability. This platform has been replicated across two separate Tier 3+ UK data centres so you can be confident that your data is highly available and protected even in the event of a disaster. Critically though, this is backed up by a cloud solutions and services provider with over a decade of experience. We can help you with the guidance and support you will need to deliver your storage project. Ongoing support for Vault is available to you 24/7 from our UK Service Operations Centre (SOC).

How Does It Work?

Service Vault utilises Object Storage which is a more cloud friendly alternative to traditional file and block based storage systems. It is suitable for any type of unstructured data (e.g. documents, email, log files, images and video) which makes up 90% or more of the data held by most business.
Object Storage is accessed using an API so that all the repetitive tasks required for managing data can be easily automated. Vault uses the S3 API which is rapidly becoming the de facto standard amongst developers and application providers.

Simple pricing model

Whilst some cloud storage services appear to offer very low headline rates, typically they also charge extra to access the data or move it in or out of their platform. Since it can be tough to predict how much or how often data will be accessed or transferred, this inevitably sometimes results in an unexpectedly high storage bill. Tecknosoft only charge for the capacity you use which keeps things simple and predictable with no risk of bill shock. Plus, unlike some providers, 24/7 telephone support is included in the cost and won’t incur an additional charge.

Example use cases for Service Vault

Backup: Use Vault as a cost effective alternative to traditional NAS or SAN based storage devices for your day-to-day backups – especially for tier 2/3 workloads. Alternatively Vault could be used to enhance the resilience of your existing on premise solution by adding a second, off site, copy of each backup.

Archiving: Long term, off site storage of tapes or disks can get very expensive plus physical media can deteriorate over time. Vault provides huge capacity for storing many years worth of data plus local and geographic replication is built-in, ensuring the durability of your archives.

File Sync and Share:Vault provides an ideal storage platform for the growing range of Enterprise class sync and share solutions available today which typically offer S3 API compatibility and native support for cloud based storage.

Big Data: A new generation of business analytics engines are moving beyond traditional relational databases and have been built from the ground up for cloud storage.These can also drive the need for storage on a massive scale which is a requirement typically better met by a dedicated service provider.

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