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Paid search works. Google ad words are one of the most effective ways of reaching your audiences, quicker and more reliable than SEO, Pay per Click (PPC) none the less requires skill and guile. Google Ad words has grown into a complex beast, that requires deep knowledge to use cost effectively. Teknosoft has Ad Words Certified Professionals in house who can plan and manage PPC campaigns.provoke. We are a multi-disciplined in-house team which means we can monitor (incredibly closely) all aspects of quality control, while staying true to the overall vision, right the way through the production process.

Campaign Planning

Careful planning is essential for any PPC campaign. We start with the end goal – what is it you want? – and then build a strategy around your objectives. We will look at the search terms, examine what the competition are doing and then setup the campaign. We’ll write the ad copy, monitor what works and tweak until it is a finely tuned sales driving machine.

Video Seeding and Youtube Promotion

Our award winning film team produces amazing films. After they are done, the next step is to get the film seen and this is where the digital team gets involved. We can get your film in front of people and crank up the views, either through a Youtube ad campaign or via a video seeding campaign. This has the bonus effect of increasing natural views as more eyeballs equals more social shares.


Getting the right people to click on your ads is one thing, but getting them to take the next step once they land on your site is another. You don’t want a situation where hundreds of potential customers are driven to your site, only to lose them when they get there. Perfecting the campaign “landing page” is the most vital part of a campaign, and a step that has benefits long after you’ve stopped paying for the ads. Since we have a full in house web team, we are experts at UX and conversion rate optimisation (CRO). We’ll optimise your site or create a bespoke landing page that will drive conversions and then we’ll tweak it over the course of the campaign until it is perfect.


Adwords aren’t the only way of advertising on the web, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms all have their uses. We can setup a multiple platform campaign on social media to run alongside existing search campaigns.

More traffic, more sales, more growth and brand awareness

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