When any part of your infrastructure malfunctions, you want to know your staff can return to full productivity without delay. Our team of vendor accredited field engineers and hardware specialists are able to provide around the clock support and essential repairs in the shortest possible timeframe.

Expertise On-Site - Whenever you need it

Delivering on-site support for an organisation demands a precarious balance of staffing,equipment stocking, management of skill profiles and availability to complete on-going projects. To remove the burden of resourcing and costs, we offers a comprehensive field engineering service.

  • We guarantee an engineer on site, in accordance with an SLA designed to suit your business
  • Our team of engineers and hardware specialists are all vendor-accredited and trained to the most recent industry and manufacturer standards. This allows them to offer immediate critical specialist care and support
  • Our technical team is able to offer the necessary support to customer sites based across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific
  • The team is equipped to repair almost any equipment such as laptops, servers and printers
  • We offer warranty services on behalf of vendors, service stock management, service configuration and end of life services.

Access to Part and Inventory Spares

Some equipment failures are predictable and manageable. Others are difficult to predict you don’t know when they’ll happen or on what scale. Techno soft has an extensive national warehousing and distribution network which allows us to provision our customers with exactly the parts they need.

  • Our team has access to an unparalleled inventory of parts and spares that are seamlessly dispatched and delivered to our engineers through our nationwide network of collection points
  • When a our engineer arrives on site they will understand what is needed to complete the job, and will provide the relevant parts as required.

Flexible Contracts

Not all elements of your infrastructure are mission critical and not all businesses prioritise their IT estate in the same way. Our field engineering contracts are designed around each customers’ unique requirements.

  • Our customers have the flexibility to choose from a range of service level agreements according to their needs and budget
  • Our service contracts can be tailored to ensure you receive the right support for your business, and not a pre-determined plan.
  • We’re committed to restoring our customers’ operations in the fastest time possible.Our field engineers are focussed on resolving IT problems efficiently and reliably,find out how we can help using the online enquiry form.

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