Finding the time to devote to training sessions is often a pressure within a busy day job. Managing a whole team's training needs and the associated logistics can turn into a day job itself. Tecknosoft’s Training Division allows you to step back from this process, leaving our team of experts to identify, review, organise and manage invoicing for your training needs.

Training to Match your Needs

With many different training providers and numerous courses available in the market, getting the right match for your individual employees, and for your organisational needs more generally, can be tricky. Tecknosoft has a team of over 450 technical specialists who require regular training to ensure we can deliver the leading technical consultancy in the market - so we understand the challenge and how to manage it.

  • Tecknosoft is known for having many of the most highly qualified technical staff in the industry - selecting suitable training for our staff is core to our business
  • Our team work with all the major training providers. We know each syllabus they offer, and can also work with specialist providers to develop bespoke content
  • Tecknosoft’s Training Division supports training outside of the technical arena, encompassing personal or business skills programmes which appeal to a wider audience within your organisation
  • We can immediately identify the right approach based on your needs, whether it be on-site delivery for maximum efficiency,  seats on scheduled courses or even  e- learning and virtual courses that can be delivered anywhere in the world..

Your Logistics - Managed

It can reap significant benefits when your team is fully trained on all the technologies within your infrastructure. However the time spent picking the right course, booking sessions and dealing within invoicing from multiple providers turns this benefit into a burden. Tecknosoft can remove the pain from this process.

  • Tecknosoft handles the booking and invoicing of your training so that you have a single point of contact to turn to; multiple vendor invoicing becomes a thing of the past
  • We understand the value of training and how to manage it alongside the pressures of a busy role. Our team can help support your staff with advice and recommendations
  • You won’t have to worry whether your investment will return value - before you commit we’ll help you determine what benefits it offers to your business.
  • Staff training is a key part of our business, so we can help develop your team thanks to that same passion.
  • At Tecknosoft, we support ours customers, training requirements in a simple and effective manner.
  • Contact us to find out more about how we can help your team learn.

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