Making the world more fun with Technology

There are some really exciting things happening in the tech world at the moment, including virtual and augmented reality, drones, small cheap computers like the Raspberry Pi, iBeacons, and motion tracking hardware like the Xbox Kinect. All this stuff can be used in interesting and exciting ways for experiential marketing, adding spice to events or enhancing an exhibit at an attraction. We know all about this stuff – if we’re not using it at work, we’re playing with it at home anyway.

Intersecting Technology with the Physical World

Tecknosoft creates beautiful and useful digital experiences, and this doesn’t always mean a website or a mobile app. The Internet is connecting everyday items and producing richer experiences. At Contra, we want to harness the latest innovations and use them to change things for the better.

Unity Kiosks & Games

Unity is a great game development framework used by indie game developers and large games companies. We use it for creating interactive kiosks and games for attractions such as Cadbury’s World. Since Unity is a complete game development framework, we can create anything from simple presentations, to 2D puzzles, to 3D games.

It's All Software (and Hardware)

Since unity games, interactive kiosks, augmented reality apps and Raspberry Pi sensors all run using bespoke software, we follow best practice software development practices, like we do with web application development and mobile app development. This means agile project planning, test driven development and Continuous Integration. Unlike traditional applications installed on computers, cloud-based web apps are accessible anytime, anywhere, via an Internet connection on all devices including laptops and desktop computers. Apps work in basically all environments.

Using internet technologies makes it possible to achieve better interoperability between applications than with isolated desktop systems and software applications to communicate, exchange data, and use the information that has been exchanged. For example, it is much easier to integrate a cloud-based inventory management app/system than it is to get two proprietary systems to talk to each other. Web-based architecture makes it possible to rapidly integrate systems, improving work-flow, management and other business processes.

Increasing processor capacity also becomes a simple task. If an application requires more power in order to perform tasks, only the app server hardware needs to be upgraded. The capacity of web-based software can easily be increased by what is referred to as ‘clustering’, or running the software on several servers simultaneously. As workload increases or decreases, additional servers can be added or eliminated.

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