What is Service Desktop?

Desktop is a private and dedicated Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution based on market leading Citrix and Microsoft technology and optimised using ground-breaking acceleration to deliver a lightning fast user experience. Underpinned by Tecknosoft's managed platform, which is built to cater for the demands of business critical IT, the service is hosted in world-class, UK-based datacentres, on infrastructure that is monitored 24/7, by our dedicated Service Operations Centre (SOC).

How could your organisation use 'Desktop'?

The Service platform is built for business critical workloads where peace of mind that services will keep functioning is essential. It is therefore well suited to supporting a complete end-user computing strategy whatever your organisation's size. Desktop services are often activated to coincide with desktop refresh projects, where legacy infrastructure is coming to an end of its useful life. Many businesses now see how efficiency improvements and opportunities to innovate are presented by breaking away from traditional pc-client computing models. Likewise, businesses with groups of remote users or branch offices make physical contact with devices more challenging for management. The Desktop solution helps provide enhanced desktop services, whilst unifying devices under one security umbrella and protecting data that might otherwise be at risk through local storage.

Why use Service Desktop?

World-class datacentres, world-class technology: We have spared no expense building our datacentres and investing in the technology that underpins them. As a result, the solutions we deliver through the Service cloud are, quite simply, the best money can buy. Our 'Desktop' solution uses premium technology from the world's leading manufacturers.A partner at the forefront of DaaS: As a Platinum partner there's no higher accolade to obtain within the Citrix community. However, Tecknosoft has also delivered more projects across Europe than anyone else and thanks to our respected experts we sit on the steering committee for Citrix globally. Likewise, the architectural blueprints for the acceleration technology we use in Desktop was honed on our platform by the vendor themselves. It means we know the technology inside out.

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