Delivering on the needs of the Business

Whether driven by a line of business demand or IT refresh requirement, the complex projects necessary to deliver IT change have to be undertaken with absolute commitment and control. Tecknosoft gives its customers the protection of program project management backed by industry-leading expertise and experience. Why Undertake a Change Program? Change is by definition a disruptive thing. The outcomes are designed to be positive, but the journey itself can be stressful. Tecknosoft helps organisations identify where and why change projects might be required.

  • Tecknosoft is experienced in managing the risk for customers who pursue new or innovative opportunities within their business.
  • Slow running or outdated systems impact the end user and reduce productivity – we ensure IT change adds value, not headaches, to your organisation.
  • Acquisitions often require significant scaling or outright change in IT systems. Tecknosoft supports customers through this challenge.

Optimising your Resources

Program project management demands that objectives are delivered in an accurate, timely and cost effective manner – all in line with the rhythm of your business. Tecknosoft has a team dedicated to delivering seamless change, whatever our customer’s needs.

  • Where our customers lack an internal skill set for a particular technology we can assist by implementing the complete solution, or to complement their internal IT teams.
  • Tecknosoft can provide a ‘sanity check’ for organisations which already have established skills in this area.
  • Our Prince 2, ITIL and Agile certified programme & project managers help you deliver against your objectives, within budget and on time.
  • Tecknosoft is vendor agnostic; our in-house experts are fully conversant with all major software and hardware vendors, and commit to delivering on the right solution for your business.
  • We help you manage change within your IT infrastructure to deliver the best outcomes.
  • How we can help… Complex programmes and projects can define the value of IT within your business. Contact us to find our more about how Tecknosoft’s skilled
    programme & project management can help you optimise your next project.

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