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It is no surprise that cloud services are revolutionising the way in which businesses operate, yet for many organisations moving to the cloud can often be a daunting task.Not knowing where to start, how to identify which business services are suitable for the cloud, where the risks or pitfalls are or simply having limited internal resources with prior cloud skills to actually perform the work required to get you there.
Cloud services are also rapidly evolving and with such an array of options to select from, which cloud is the right choice? Do you go private, public, hybrid, or is a cloud service even a reality for your business?
Planning a move to the cloud is simply not as easy as you may think and it can be challenging to even consider cloud if you don’t have a clear view of your current IT estate, or have the resources with the skills needed to undertake the end-to-end journey. CloudPlan helps you through each stage of moving to a cloud delivery model, from initial discovery through to a fully implemented and transformed service.

What is CloudPlan?

CloudPlan is a suite of engagement models which incorporate all the areas required to not only understand your current estate and its relevance to cloud services, but also to design, implement, migrate , operate and transform your operation and in doing so further modernise your IT services.
CloudPlan incorporates six distinct stages all designed to get you up and running in the cloud in the most effective manner and was designed from the ground up as a new and more innovative approach to cloud delivery. The service does not rely upon the more traditional and somewhat archaic/legacy steps or tool-sets in which so manyother services still tend to use today.

Why Cloud Plan?

Modern and relevant technology CloudPlan is underpinned by modern and relevant technology. The service does not rely upon technologies which have gone past their expiry date. Cloud is modern and so should the tool sets be used to get you there.

Global reach

Our international capability means no matter where your business operation resides we have presence in those locations to assist.

Heritage in cloud services

We have a true heritage in cloud services with over a decade helping customers successfully adopt cloud services. Our services have won numerous industry awards, be that from CRN managed service provider of the year 2014 through to innovation awards.

Dedicated cloud program management function

We help customers every day realise the adoption of cloud services and ultimately the significant impact it has on their business operations. We live and breathe cloud services so we have the skills and experience needed.

Experienced Network Operations Centre

Our NOC staff hold numerous industry certifications from all the major vendors.

Data driven approach

No plan to move to the cloud is complete without factual evidence. CloudPlan combines assessment data with consultative processes to deliver an outcome specific to your needs. Clear deliverables CloudPlan delivers clear and transparent outcomes meaning your report will be easy to read and understand to support your efforts in selecting the right platform and programme of works to get you going.

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